Teddy Tennis

Sport, music, and fun for the very young

Teddy Tennis is a new curriculum based sport education programme that inspires children aged 3-7 years old to get active & learn to play tennis. It works by combining music, pictures and Teddy Bear stories into a totally interactive learning adventure!

We run Teddy Tennis Classesall across the north west, including Bolton. Please click on a lick below for class times in your location.

 Teddy Tennis inspires children to get active and engage in tennis!

How we do this: We make Teddy Tennis FUN and engaging to play by using a combination of music, pictures and teddy bear characters throughout all our lessons whereby captivating their imaginations and appealing to their young developing minds. This form of teaching is modelled on what is known as Visual Auditory Kinesthetic (VAK) learning, see below for more information.

What we do: We teach Teddy Tennis all year round in nurseries, schools, tennis clubs and sports centres so children can fall in love with Teddy Tennis.

Visual Learning

It involves the use of seen or observed things, including pictures, demonstrations and videos. Every Teddy Tennis lesson uses inspiration pictures of teddy bear characters playing Teddy Tennis…. and of course every Teddy Tennis coach demonstrates how things should be done correctly.

Auditory Learning

It involves the transfer of information through listening: to the spoken word, and of music and sounds. Every Teddy Tennis lesson involves music that was specifically written by Teddy Tennis and provides the correct rhythm and timing for doing each game or exercise; the words of the music tell the children what to do.

Kinesthetic Learning

It involves physical participation – doing, practical hands on experiences, and taking part in coordinated movement, racket and hand to eye skills. Every Teddy Tennis lesson is fully interactive and involves having a lot of FUN.