Make a birthday special with our Sport Parties

Why not celebrate your child’s birthday with Teddy Tennis (3-6 years) / Tom Luke Tennis (6+ years) Birthday Sport Parties?

A typical Tennis Party involves lots of music, fun, games and prizes too and lasts between 1 to 1½ hours but we will tailor it so it is exactly how you want it.

We normally do parties indoor at Canon Slade High School or at Lostock Tennis Club which also have a smaller hall in case of bad weather and for celebration after the games. You can also pick a venue which is near you and we bring all the equipment and fun with us!

45min tennis and 45min celebration parties at your venue starts from £110 ex. hall hire, at Lostock from £130 and at Canon Slade indoor £150 including venue hire.

We can produce customised party invites for you, offer party bags with lots of toys from £3 each bag.