Tennis lessons in Bolton and across Lancashire

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We offer Tennis Lessons at Bradshaw and Lostock Tennis Clubs and run Teddy Tennis North West

Whatever your age or ability, tennis is the sport for you!

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Come and Join our award-winning programme

See below what is on offer at Tom Luke Tennis and ProACE Sports and Swimming!

Weekly Lessons at Bradshaw, Lostock, and Canon Slade


Weekly coaching sessions for all ages and abilities, from beginners to team players, indoor and outdoor coaching lessons.

All three clubs have several teams playing in the Bolton League during the summer and winter months.

Individual and family lessons are also available.

We run friendly Tournaments regularly to test yourself.

Weekly Teddy Tennis Lessons – for ages 2.5 – 7 years old

Teddy Tennis

Our classes inspire children aged 2 to 6+ years to get active and to learn to play Teddy Tennis.

It works by combining music, pictures and teddy bear stories into a totally interactive learning adventure that young children love.

Teddy Tennis’ curriculum based teaching system has been developed using the Visual Auditory Kinesthetic (VAK) accelerated learning style: See it, Hear it, Do it!


Educational PE lessons that develop the gross motor skills (catching, throwing, racket skills) and the ABC’s
Enquire for FREE 10 hours of coaching now.

While working on sending and receiving skills children have fun and learn the fundamentals of tennis or other sports.

Teddy Sport follows the EYFS Structure while KS2 children we offer a variety of sports coaching to the highest level.

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We offer our 4 main sports for the early years which are tennis, soccer, cricket and dance.

Sessions can be parent paid or nursery funded, one thing is certain though, children will have lots of fun learning the fine motor skills, good listening and following simple instructions whichever sport they do using our proven Teddy Sport System.

Tasters for Nurseries and Schools are also available so please get in touch.


Our camps keep the children active and entertained every day in the school holidays.

Children learn the fundamentals of a variety of sports in a fun and progressive way. All ages are welcome and catered for. We are OFSTED registered and accept childcare vouchers too. 

To book please download our booking app ProACE Sports and Swimming.

Locations: Lostock Tennis Club and Canon Slade High School


Put your skills to the test in your own age/ability group!

We run fun and friendly LTA competitions, which normally takes place on Saturdays in the Half Term Holidays. There is a Winner in each age category. 

Great social event that also teaches children about scoring and good sportsmanship. They get better by playing matches, as tennis is a competitive sport. They have to rely only on themselves but we and parents are there to support them! 


Make a birthday special with our Sports Parties
Why not celebrate your 3-6 years old with our fabulous Teddy Tennis or your 6-10 years old with a fun mini Tennis party?


A typical Tennis Party involves lots of music, fun, games and prizes too and lasts about 1½ hours, approx 45 mins tennis and 45 mins food and party but we will tailor it so it is exactly how you want it.

Locations: Lostock or Bellingham Tennis Clubs or at Canon Slade.

TLT Clothing

Personalised, smart looking and quality Nike Team Kits are available to try on and purchase.

Teddy Tennis T-Shirts starting from 2+, Nike T-Shirt, Hoodies, Shorts and many more items from 4+ ages, including adults can be personalised and purchased.

Click on the title for to see the items and their prices, contact us if you are interested.


Tennis rackets are available from age 2.5+ which can be ordered on its own or in a Bundles with Bags, Hoodies, T-shirts or Balls. 

Junior and Adult rackets available in many colours and brands starting at £20. Please enquire for best suitable sizes and fits. Adult Rackets can be tried out before purchasing so you know you are getting the one you like.

If your racket need a freshen up and would like it to be restrung or regripped we can also do that for you with quality Babolat materials.