School PE

£250 worth of Coaching for Schools

We have teamed up with the LTA to offer £250 worth of tennis for every school in the North West. All the school need to do is get in touch with us here and complete a zoom course normally lasting about 20 minutes and they will £250 worth of tennis coaching provided by us. The school we also receive a teacher training pack to help support teachers delivering P.E

This partnership is an afPE Professional Development Board Approved Provider, recognising the high standard of both the resources and the teacher training we provide.

Teddy Sport and Tennis programmes in Schools in the Bolton, Preston and Chorley Area

We offer Tennis, Cricket, Dance, Football and Multi-sport PE lessons. Our Teddy Sport programme is specially designed for  EYFS and KS1 children using our unique “Teddy” style teaching.

We focus on developing Gross Motor skills along with Agility, Balance and Coordination as we know these skills underpin a child’s development.

We make all our school sessions inclusive so everyone can join in and cater for a range of abilities and keep the sessions interactive and fun.


Teddy Sports

Sport, Music and Fun for the Very Young!

Teddy Sport is a new curriculum based sport education programme that inspires children aged 2.5-7 years old to get active & learn to play tennis, dance, cricket and soccer. It works by combining music, pictures and Teddy Bear stories into a totally interactive learning adventure. If you would like to know more about Teddy Tennis, Teddy Cricket, Teddy Dance or Teddy Soccer, please click on that sport.

For KS2 children we offer Multi-Sport and Tennis specific lessons. where we focus on fundamentals movements which allow children to build on the athleticism and enjoy different sports and sporting actions. 

Further down this page we have gone into more detail about our tennis program in schools. 

As part of our school programme we offer

  • Breakfast and after-school clubs
  • Curriculum lessons
  • Specific sport lessons
  • Teacher training
If you would like to know more and or book a free taster session contact Tom by email at

Benefits of Tennis in School PE

School tennis is very important, as it is often the first time a child will experience tennis. Therefore at TLT we have developed a program, which makes a child’s first experience in tennis enjoyable from the start.

We use scaled down equipment to make sure each child can have success from day one. Lessons are planned out to develop ABC’s skills (agility balance coordination and speed) as well as the fundamentals of tennis.

School tennis is often delivered on playgrounds or in schools halls as well as the lucky schools were we deliver tennis on the schools tennis courts. All equipment is provided by us so you don’t need to worry about providing rackets, balls etc. In fact we can often help provide funding so schools to get the latest equipment.

Schools will be linked to a local TLT club, Bradshaw or Lostock Tennis Club, to allow children to further their tennis skills.

If your school is looking to start tennis or further improve their tennis program, please contact us.