Nursery PE

Teddy Sport in Nursery PE in the Bolton, Preston and Chorley Area

Within Teddy Sport we offer Tennis, Cricket, Dance, Football or Multi-sport nursery PE lessons. These PE lessons are specially designed for nursery/pre-school aged children using our unique EYFS “Teddy” style teaching.

We focus on developing gross motor skills along with Agility, Balance and Coordination as we know these skills underpin a child’s development. We make all our nursery sessions inclusive so everyone can join in and cater for a range of abilities and keep the sessions interactive and fun. It works by combining music, pictures and teddy bear characters into a totally interactive learning adventure  that young children love.

The biggest benefit of Teddy Sport is CONFIDENCE; this is derived by successfully learning the basic skills needed to play tennis. We also encourage and reward good listening and behaviour.

You can tailor the package you receive for example you may want multi sports or you just may want one or you might want a different sport each term, we will work with you to get what the nursery wants.  Sessions in Nurseries can either be parent paid or nursery paid.