Teddy Tennis Lessons in Bolton

At Lostock Tennis Club and Canon Slade High School/Bradshaw

Email tomluketennis@hotmail.com for availability and best class for you or your child

Monthly subscription fee is £30

Teddy Tennis inspires children aged 2 to 6+ years to get active and to learn to play Teddy Tennis. It works by combining music, pictures and teddy bear characters into a totally interactive learning adventure that young children love.
In the Tiny Teddies class children develop their fine motor skills eg. throwing, catching and racket skills. They learn the fundamentals of tennis sending and receiving.
Boris Bear Team started working on movement while focusing on their technique when hitting the ball and keep practicing ABC skills.
Head Ted Team works on movement around the court, learning serving and understanding the aim of tennis and how to win a point so they can start playing matches.

Lostock Tennis Club Class Times

Teddy Tennis 3 – 6yrs

Thursday 5:00 – 6:00 pm
Sunday 9:00 – 9:45 am 
Teddy Tennis

Canon Slade School Class Times

Teddy Tennis 4 – 7 yrs

Tuesday 5:00 – 6:00 pm
Link to Bradshaw Tennis Club

What makes Teddy Tennis so appealing for children is our Visual Auditory Kinesthetic (VAK) learning style,

Visual Learning

It involves the use of seen or observed things, including pictures, demonstrations and videos. Every Teddy Tennis lesson uses inspiration pictures of teddy bear characters playing Teddy Tennis…. and of course every Teddy Tennis coach demonstrates how things should be done correctly.

Auditory Learning

It involves the transfer of information through listening: to the spoken word, and of music and sounds. Every Teddy Tennis lesson involves music that was specifically written by Teddy Tennis and provides the correct rhythm and timing for doing each game or exercise; the words of the music tell the children what to do.

Kinesthetic Learning

It involves physical participation – doing, practical hands on experiences, and taking part in coordinated movement, racket and hand to eye skills. Every Teddy Tennis lesson is fully interactive and involves having a lot of FUN.

Further lessons with us

Lostock Tennis Club
  • Tuesday 5-6 pm Mini Red 6-10 Years
  • Thursday 5-6pm Mini Red 6-10 Years
  • Friday 5-6pm Mini Red/Orange 5-11Years
  • Friday 8-9pm Adults Beginner 
Teddy Tennis Lessons at Lostock Tennis Club
  • Wednesday 5:00 – 5:55 pm 3.5-6 years
  • Thursday 5:00 – 5:55 pm 3.5-5 years
  • Thursday 6:00 -6:55 pm 4.5-7 years
Preston – Fulwood Leisure Centre
  • Sunday 9:00 – 9:45 am Tiny Teddies 
  • Sunday 9:45 – 10:30 am Danny Bear
  • Sunday 10:30 – 11:15 Amanda Panda
  • Sunday 11:15 – 12:10 Head Ted