Tom Luke Tennis Loyalty Programme / Holiday Camps and Brief T&Cs 

At Tom Luke Tennis we are really proud to offer an award-winning tennis programme, all year round, at a fantastic value across all of our venues, where all our players keeping active week on week out. Being active is very important for everyone’s physical and mental well-being. Tennis is one of the few sports that develops basic agility, balance, coordination and speed while having fun in a social environment.   

Please see below how our new simplified modern payment system works and contact us at if you have any further questions.  


Weekly Programme:  

  • Payments are made upfront, in a new monthly new subscription form. Payments will be collected on the same day of each month. We charge the same amount per month, irrespective of how many sessions there are in a month.  
  • To pay please go on the dashboard and click on the pending class. Make sure you select the first month and click subscribe and make the first card payment as before. Once its done you will not have to do it again for a while.
  • You can join our scheme at any time: If you join mid-month, we might take a payment pro rata for the first few lessons but ideally we will not need to as when you make the first payment, that is when you will start the lessons.
  • We aim to run at least 45 sessions each year over 49 weeks. This covers weeks where you may not be able to make the sessions. The remaining 2-3 weeks is our usual Christmas break.  
  • The amount we charge per session is determined by maximum numbers, age groups, length of time and may vary across our venues and sessions.   
  • Players are more than welcome to play across our other clubs, or more than once per week to maximise the personal growth.  
  • Please note that refunds will not be issued for missed sessions.  
  • If you take a break, you need to give us at least 4 weeks notice we will cancel subscription after your next monthly payment was taken. If you wish to re-join at a later point, your monthly subscription payment will increase slightly for 12 months as you will lose the initial loyalty discount we offer at the start. 
  • Prices are reviewed yearly; tennis club members receive cheaper prices opposed to non-members so please enquire how to become a member.   


Holiday Camps/School Breakfast and After School Clubs  

  • Places have to be booked through our Tom Luke Tennis app and payments are made upfront 24hrs prior the camp/ school day starting so we can allocate the right number of staff members for each venue/session. If payment is not received 24hrs prior the starting time we will not be able to accept them on the day.   
  • Places are limited and allocated on upon receipt of payment. 
  • Holiday Clubs/ School clubs run even in bad weather, please dress children appropriate to the weather season. Indoor areas are available subject to the location and activities are adopted.  
  • We accept childcare vouchers, please book through the app the usual way and email us which childcare voucher you have and we can provide you with our account code so you can transfer payment. Please book in advance so payments clear on our accounts before the camp day booked (some companies may take up to 5 working days to clear). 
  • Please note that refunds will not be issued for missed camps/school clubs as places have been allocated.  
  • On Holiday Clubs: One Change is FREE, all other changes are £5 per change of booking. Please with any change requests 24hours prior to your camp day starting.  
  • Prices are reviewed yearly; tennis club members receive reduced prices opposed to non-member so please enquire how to become a member.     


  • Catch-up lessons are available if you are unable to make the usual lesson time due to illness, injury or other commitment if you let us know prior to the lesson starting.  
  • These lessons are not credits, we do not owe them to you, it is an opportunity to keep playing so nobody is losing out.   
  • To be able to come for a catch-up class, please message Csilla on 07503721252 or Tom on 07999626430and they will be able to send you an alternative time and availability.   
  • If you turn up unannounced, you might not be able to play as the lesson might be fully booked or not the appropriate lesson to attend.  We keep our ratios strictly so that children can improve week on week out. 
  • Catch-ups can be used up to 2 months, however please try to make a lesson a week before or after your missed ones as these cannot be accumulated.  
  • If you ask to stop the monthly payment, unfortunately you will lose the catch-up lessons as you won’t be part of the loyalty programme anymore.   

CANCELLING Weekly Lessons/ CHANGE of Camp Days 

Weekly Programme:  

  • There is no obligation to stay on the programme, but you need to give us at least 4 weeks notice, to enable us to fill the space on the programme. We will cancel subscription after your next monthly payment was taken. If you wish to re-join at a later point, your monthly subscription payment will increase slightly for 12 months as you will lose the initial loyalty discount we offer at the start.
  • All cancellations must be made in writing please or text Csilla on 07503721252. 
  • Please note that refunds will not be issued for missed sessions, however you are allowed to come for a catch-up session while you are still on the programme. Please see T&Cs for Catch-up lessons  
  • Our prices are reviewed every year, and we will notify you in advance of any changes.  

Holiday Camps/Breakfast and After School Clubs:  
  • Please note that refunds will not be issued for missed camps/school club sessions. 
  • Holiday Camps: Please with any change requests 24hours prior to your camp day starting. One Change is FREEAll other changes that are requested to be made is £5 per change of booking.  
  • Within 24hrs of the camp day starting we will not be able to change/cancel your booking and we would have allocated places and staff.  


  • We do not cancel sessions (nearly never!) – We always aim to run our sessions, whenever it is safe to do so  Our philosophy is that tennis is on – our coaches will aim to be at the venues, as forecast is never reliable, weather is constantly changing. We are committed to our players, we will do our best to help to improve our players whether if it’s in the small halls or outside, in the rain or in the sunshine, in the cold or in a heatwave, there is always room for improvement.   
  • In the event that we have to cancel, we will do this near the start time as the weatherman often gets it wrong.  
  • If we have to cancel due to any unforeseen circumstances, the children will be able to attend another lesson as a catch-up as per our catch-up lesson policy but if not possible as stated before a couple of cancelled weeks have been anticipated so the children will not lose out.  
  • In the winter, please wrap up warm and continue to attend your lessons. 
  • Safety first at TLT: The most important for us is the health and safety of our players, their parents and coaches. We will not run sessions on courts that are unsafe for play. In some cases, we will limit the on-court work to static technique work rather than our usual style of movement. However, the coach will decide if a lesson must be cancelled. We will use our app to send out email and notifications and will try to send a text as well as soon as possible.   
  • Tennis in bad weather: It amazes us every wet day how many players wrap up warm and turn-up for their lessons. Our coaches will teach in the rain and if a full on-court session is not possible, our coaches have been asked to deliver reduced or adapted lessons. We can do reduced time (15-30 mins) on court with specific technical goals or use our small indoor halls to deliver technical lessons, fitness related exercises, tactical information, knowledge-based sessions – anything to ensure our players continue to improve their tennis. It is not ideal to run these reduced sessions however we believe strongly in finding ways to ensure players continue to be engaged in their tennis so the journey to the tennis club is never wasted.    

Photography and Videography 

Tom Luke Tennis may take photographs and video footages at lessons, school clubs and camps to use for training, marketing and promotional purposes. To exclude your child, we must be informed in writing at the time of booking.  


Great tennis experience  

We offer a great social environment for children and adults following the etiquette in tennis. We encourage good sportsmanship and don’t tolerate unacceptable language on our courts and unkind behaviour. We consider ourselves and our older juniors good role models for young players to follow.  

Together – we are passionate about providing a great experience, improve your game. With our catch-up lesson policy, we want to make sure everyone is playing as much tennis as possible and constantly improving and loving their tennis! We offer great opportunities to test everyone’s skills at our own/club organised tournaments and offer places in our clubs’ teams for many age categories to play matches against other clubs. Our reputation is growing nicely and the number of smiling faces representing us at different competitions so if feel free to mention us to friends and families and invite more talents down to any of our sessions.