School Tennis

School tennis is very important, as it is often the first time a child will experience tennis. Therefore at TLT we have developed a program, which makes a child’s first experience in tennis enjoyable from the start.We use scaled down equipment to make sure each child can have success from day one. Lessons are planned out to develop abc’s skills (agility balance coordination and speed) as well tennis fundamentals.

School tennis is often delivered on playgrounds or in schools halls as well as the lucky schools were we deliver tennis on the schools tennis courts.All equipment is provided by us so you don’t need to worry about providing rackets, balls etc. In fact we can often help provide funding so schools to get the latest equipment.

As part of our school program we offer:

  • Tennis Breakfast Clubs
  • Curriculum Tennis
  • After School Tennis Clubs

Schools are linked to a local TLT Tennis club, to allow children to further their tennis skills.

If your school is looking to start tennis or further improve their tennis program, please contact us.

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