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The aim of Tom Luke Tennis is to provide the best tennis coaching available to everyone in the Lancashire area!

Welcome to the online home of Tom Luke Tennis. Tom Luke Tennis offers some of the highest quality tennis coaching in Lancashire. Tom is one of the UK’s most qualified tennis coaches, holding both LTA and PTR qualifications to Level 3 standard. He also holds a BSc honours degree in Tennis. For more information about Tom’s tennis background click Tom at the top of the page.

Tom currently coaches at Bradshaw Tennis Club, Lostock Tennis Club and runs Teddy Tennis North West..

“Tom has been coaching me for the last 3 years and he has improved my game immensely. His lessons are always fun and different. He has taught me many new shots. Before Tom’s coaching I used to hate playing backhands, but now thanks to Tom improving my backhand, I’m now more successful on this shot which has given me a lot more confidence on court. I now play more tennis than before because thanks to Tom progressing my game to a new level, I enjoy playing more than ever!”
Sam Harding – client of Tom Luke

“Tom has been a part of the Windridge Tennis Camp staff from the summers of 2008 to 2011. Tom is a very talented tennis coach. His lesson structure and technical understanding of the game are evidence of the experience and knowledge base that he possesses. Tom motivates and encourages his students to improve and keeps his lessons fun and engaging. He is not only a good player but also displays great sportsmanship on court. Tom has always been a huge asset on the Windridge Tennis staff in maintaining our standard of excellence”.
Errol Nattrass – Tennis Director for Windridge Tennis & Sports Camps
Windridge was rated one of the top ten tennis camps in the US by Tennis Magazine.

“Tom has improved every aspect of my tennis game since he has been coaching me. My serve had no real purpose and I never knew where it would land, however Tom taught me how to place it then put more power onto it and now it is a really good serve. He has taught me tactics which when I play really help. I have had a few coaches but Tom is definitely the best, he works to your strengths and does not try to change your game if you have played for a while but just works to improve it. I would highly recommend Tom for a tennis coach”.
Tracie Neil – Client of Tom Luke.